Books Read in 2023

I’m trying to be a bit more mindful of how much I’m reading books versus the constant flow of journal articles; between reading groups and grading papers and reading for my own research and writing, I always feel like I’m reading ‘a lot’ but sometimes I look up from that pile of reading and realize I haven’t read a book in months. Also, there used to be a thing about reading for fun? I’d rather not let my book-reading muscles atrophy! I set myself a goal to read a book a week in 2023….but…..I don’t think I read any books in January or February. To meet my 52-book goal, I guess I’d better step it up :). So, here goes — oldest at the bottom.

  1. We are Bellingcat (Higgins)
  2. The Modem World (Driscoll)
  3. Custodians of the Internet (Gillespie)
  4. Text As Data (Grimmer, Roberts, and Stuart)

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